Good Friend

We all need someone to Talk
Someone to walk with in  our life ,
A Friend to whom we Need
In times of stress or strife
A Friend who’s always like to be there
Throughout the years of our life,
A friend who always like to  care
And take away all our fears.
A Friend who’s always near,
Waiting for our call,
To wipe away our tears,
And lift us when we fall.
A loving friend indeed,
On whom we can depend
To fulfill our every need –
Thank you, precious friend 
By Hassan Razavi
Copy Rights @ 2005
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2 Responses to Good Friend

  1. Sameera says:

    hey, u rite great poems…i was wonderin, can i use them if i say that u rote \’em. cuz i have this site that i alwayz put a poem on, n i wanna put urz on it. plz.

  2. Madiha says:

    wow, this poem is really neat.

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