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The day though seems to be bright Yet clouds make it dark as night Strong winds began to blow Taking clouds wherever they go   Clouds are dark and black Blowing powerful winds with cool breeze The rain would come in … Continue reading

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Good Students are bright and bold Whose studies would turn out to be like gold Bright and right in their sight This makes their future very bright   Study to become civilized Ready to make it realized If students avoids … Continue reading

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What I call A Friend

One whose grip is little Tighter One whose smile is little brighter One who share your joys and sorrow One who remains same today and tomorrow   One when you gone will miss you badly One when welcome you back … Continue reading

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People in the world are good and bad Some are happy and some are sad These people are doing good deeds By helping others in the time of their needs These people are intelligent and kind Nowadays such people are … Continue reading

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Political Leaders

Leaders gets ready for elections Like a cricket team going for selections They fight for their party tickets As we shout for the party tickets They are at your feet with promissing words But their promises are like flying birds … Continue reading

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‘O’ Examninations

Examinations are coming nearI am getting some type of fearI didn’t study the whole yearI am studying when you are coming near O examinations you are bringing fearFor all those who didn’t study all the yearThey are very afraid of … Continue reading

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Real Friends

Good Friends to share the plans you make Good and best luck in all you would undertake To make the year best so far And you are special by your Nature you are   Good Friends would always care The happy … Continue reading

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