Life is a game of joy and sorrow
Face it with confidence today and tomorrow
It is a bud of flowers and thorns
If you get trouble don’t mourn

It is a beautiful dream for wise
As they enjoy it very nice
It is a play for a fool
Because he does not know how to remain cool

For rich it is fun and comedy
For poor it is dangerous tragedy
Life is full of happiness and joy
So please don’t use it like a toy

Life is also full of sorrow
Which nobody likes to borrow
It got happiness and tension
Which nobody likes to mention

Spend your life with happiness and joy
This is an advice from collage boy
So don’t spend it in grief
I will tell u in brief


 By Hassan Razavi(Hassan Ali Syed)

Copyright @ 2005

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2 Responses to Life

  1. Unknown says:

    It\’s my favourite!

  2. aina says:

    well its a good try 2 tell wat life iz n how 2 deal wid it

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