Political Leaders

Leaders gets ready for elections
Like a cricket team going for selections
They fight for their party tickets
As we shout for the party tickets

They are at your feet with promissing words
But their promises are like flying birds
They beg for votes offering notes
None but rigging is their favourite sports

The goons run away with ballot boxes
Everywhere there is voilence and tension
One or two is killed then curfew is mention
Once again the polls will be done

At this stage they will have lot of fun
Then the promises go down the drain
Thourgh once they come down like a rain
Instead of caring for fellow creatures

They care more about their own future
So wake up real leaders
Fulfill all your promises
Without making any compormises

Hassan Ali Razavi (Hassan Ali Syed)

Copyright @ 2005 Hassan Ali Razavi


mail me at hassanrazavi@hotmail.com

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